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Used Computer Clearance

Black River PC's current inventory of used computers that are ready for sale.

Each one has been cleaned and passes diagnostics tests, and has new install of Windows, drivers, and updates. A selection of our recommended free software (like Firefox, VLC media player, etc) have been added to most, so they're ready-to-use.

Desktops start at only $30! Laptops start at $50-120, all-in-ones at $100.

Please call us to confirm availability, or to ask about other options we may have for you.

Not everyone needs another keyboard, mouse, or monitor; so the clearance prices listed here do not include them. A new keyboard/mouse set is $20. Used monitors are $25 and up.

Used Desktops, up to $50

Athlon II X2 - custom minitower, $30
4gb ram, 160gb hdd, dvdrw, x300 video, w10
E7400 dual core - HP minitower, $30
6gb ram, 160gb hdd, dvdrw, w10 + o10s
E5800 dual core - GW slim, $35
4gb ram, 1tb hdd, dvdrw, w10
E5700 dual core - GW slim, $35
6gb ram, 500gb hdd, dvdrw w7fact + o10s
Athlon II X4 - minitower (rb emach), $40
4gb ram, 500gb hdd, dvdrw, w10
Athlon II X4 - HP minitower, $45
4gb ram, 640gb hdd, dvdrw, w10 + o10s
A6-3620 quad core - HP minitower, $50
4gb ram, 1tb hdd, dvdrw, w10

Used Desktops, $50-100

2nd gen Pentium - custom minitower, $80
4gb ram, 120gb ssd, dvdrw, w10

Used Desktops, $100+

4th gen Core i3 - Dell sff, $100
4gb ram, 120gb ssd, dvd, w10
4th gen Core i3 - Dell sff, $120 sold!
8gb ram, 120gb ssd, dvd, w10
4th gen Core i3 - Dell sff
3rd gen Core Pent/i3/i5 - Dell minitower
multiple available, $100 and up. specs vary, can be customized
3rd gen Core i7 - HP minitower, $170
8gb ram, 500gb ssd, dvdrw, wifi, w10

Used All-in-Ones

Celeron N - Dell 18in AIO, $100
4gb ram, 500gb hdd, w8
(2 day lead time)
3rd gen Core i5 - HP 23in AIO, $175 sold!
8gb ram, 250gb ssd, dvdrw, w10 + o10s
7th gen Pentium - Lenovo AIO, $175
8gb ram, 1tb hdd, w10

Used Laptops

4th gen Core i5 - Asus 17in laptop, $50
8gb ram, 500gb hdd, w10 needs battery (or use only on AC)
A9-9400 dual core - Dell 17in laptop, $120
12gb ram, 500gb hdd, dvdrw, w10
Pentium Silver quad dore - HP 15in laptop, $120
4gb ram, 500gb hdd, w10
10th gen Core i3 - HP 15in laptop, $250
8gb ram, 256gb ssd, w11

Used computers and other hardware are sold "as-is". Installed Windows version was either included originally, or was an upgrade from an earlier qualifying version that was on the system at our point of acquisition. Digital Windows licenses are linked to the motherboard inside.

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